Who are you?

Just mere hours ago...I did something.

And you may be shocked...but it had to be done.

I mixed two separate living beings together.

Or rather...

I mixed my two newsletters together.

One was my book list.

The other was my Japanese art list.

And to celebrate this glorious combination, I’m extending the White Day sale for 50% off anything in my shop.

That’s for my novels.

My Noh Masks…

The Dome House project reservations…

And any other traditional Japanese art you want for yourself or your loved ones…

Because like I said in my most recent NHK World documentary on Matsue and Wagashi…

“Love is in the air!”

Use this code at checkout:


This deal expires on March 20th at 11:59pm EST.

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Talk soon,

Brandon “Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day twice” Chin

P.S. Speaking of the Dome House project…I’m launching the crowdfunding campaign on the 21st. For those of you traveling to Japan in 2023 - 2024, I’d love to host you during a regular event.

But to do that, I have to build it first. And I can’t do it without your help.

I’ll send out the rewards list for supporting the project soon. But to get the best discounts and exclusive rewards beforehand, you can make a $1 reservation today.

Use the “white50” code and it’ll come out to $1.

>>>Click here to support Dome House

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Boom. First contribution to the Dome House project has been made. Who’s next? This is how community projects get built. Little by little. Brick by brick. Dome on Dome. Some of you reading this might still be confused about what this Japan Dome House project is all about… If you want to travel to Japan soon (2023 - 2024) or just like supporting new ideas, then skip on over to the link below for more details. The Dome awaits… >>>Click here to support Talk soon, Brandon “are you next?“ Chin P.S....

Today, I’m going to see one of my favorite performance art shows with a friend… It’s called “Sankai Juku”. It’s a bunch of bald white men dancing slowly to weird lighting and trippy music. But highly regarded abroad, especially in Europe. Obviously my description doesn’t do it justice, but it got your attention ;) This is one of those shows you have to see in person to understand. Traditional Buddhist principles combined with modern performance technologies. Check out the trailers on YouTube....